What a way to ring in spring last Saturday. Cold, wet weather again and even a dusting of snow. Spring breakers finally packed up and went home. Not many girls were out on the square for a blustery Girls Night Out.

But spring finally has sprung, if a few days late. I spotted a bluebonnet this week – in the flowerbed of the stone house on the hill between downtown and the post office. Theirs always seem to bloom first.

Each spring I look forward to that sight and others in Glen Rose and Somervell County. They are welcome rites of rebirth. You probably have your own list, but here’s mine:

Delicate, shiny new leaves of red oaks popping out of the dark green cedar-covered hills.

People lying like lizards in the sun on the boulders at Big Rocks Park.

All the baby animals at Fossil Rim Wildlife Park. And, to top it off, this year there are two baby giraffes.

White irises that bloom by the limestone ledges along Barnard Street at the foot of the Community Center. They are simple and common, yet they are early signs that warm days are coming.

Bluebirds flitting around the golf course.

The wren that nests in the top of the longhorn skull on my front porch and trills a song that seems impossibly loud from such a tiny bird.

Long-legged colts that scamper about in pastures and run for the pure joy of it.

Dining al fresco on a restaurant porch, patio or at home. Food just tastes better eaten outside with a friend or someone else you love on a sunny day.

Fossils exposed by spring rains and lying in wait for some delighted hunter.

Tomato plants for sale on the tailgate of Murray’s gold truck parked at the courthouse Farmer’s Market.

The first butterfly. Make mine yellow.

Long V’s of geese heading north again, one after another, in a seemingly endless blue sky.

Wild turkey gobblers fanning their tail feathers and strutting for females that don’t seem that impressed. 

Longer days and shorter skirts.

Every shade of green unfurling, shooting, creeping and climbing out of the ground and into the light.

And here’s a new one to add to the list — strolling along the new River Walk and, perhaps someday soon, stopping to smell all the roses blooming there.

These are a few of my favorite things about Glen Rose in spring. What are yours? Let me know at  news@theglenrosereporter.com. I’ll compile a “Best of Glen Rose at Spring” list and publish it in a future issue.

Until then…happy spring!