Whitney White-Ashley

So, it has been a few weeks since Iíve gotten a column together and for those of you who have called to check on me - I appreciate your concern. Iím fine, just been busy.

Traditionally, summer means the news slows down a bit, but that has not been the case so far this year. Iím certainly not complaining and I love to keep busy, but I have noticed the strain that the upgraded pace has put on me and those around me. And right on cue, my pastor delivered a sermon on Sunday that once again makes me think he has a bug hidden in my home.

He spoke about how the symbol of the early church was a boat and how God is our calm in the storm. We often are so distracted by whatís going on outside of the boat, we fail to notice the calm inside the boat.

This particular sermon touched so many aspects of my life - both professional and personal. Then I thought about those few souls kind enough to check up on me over the last few weeks. Iíve been so focused on the chaos surrounding me that I have failed to notice the calm in the boat.

The sermon also made me think of a song I hear often on the radio. The singer swoons about how everybody falls on hard times, but most of the time youíre in the middle of the road. And if we move our focus from looking for someone to blame to looking for the calm, then the chaos falls away.

Whether you are religious or not, the idea holds true. Especially when we are staring down the barrel of uncertain times and you donít know from day to day what is in store. From taxable healthcare benefits to new cigarette regulations put in place by a smoking president, the rules seem to be changing from underneath us and the extraneous distractions often pull our attention from what we should be focusing on.

Donít let the chaos distract you from the calm - ultimately wasting your energy on the unimportant leaving the important unnoticed.