I have been blessed to be a business owner on the downtown square in Glen Rose TX since 2007. I have seen many positive changes with new businesses popping up. However in the last few months I have heard of many distressed business owners on the square and off. The recession has hit some business owners hard, as I completely understand being a business owner my self. I know of three on the downtown square contemplating closing. I hate the thought of this. I can’t image our town as a ghost town. I want our town to flourish, thinking of the parades, the festivals, the home town spirit, the tourists having a place to bring their children or friends for a weekend getaway.

So I am calling out to our locals in Glen Rose to try “Glen Rose First” during the Christmas holidays for their shopping needs. We have a wonderful town with many opportunities for great shopping or necessities. Many stores have heavily discounted their merchandise to entice shoppers. So check out Glen Rose first.

I know that times are tight for many families; however supporting our community will in turn support you. Shop the local grocery stores for that Thanksgiving dinner , buy your Christmas cards at a little store in town, plan your holiday business parties at local restaurants, buy your poinsettias from local flower shops, buy your holiday décor here, order your holiday dessert at the local bakeries, buy a handcrafted gift from your neighbor, have your Christmas photos shot by a local photographer, buy that girlfriend a unique gift or a gift certificate from one of our many gift shops, and have your holiday hair and nails done here. There are so many wonderful stores in our town that need your support.

I ask everyone to get on the chamber of commerce web page and just see what your town has to offer. Have a Christmas party with the theme “Only From Glen Rose Gifts!” Invite your friends and families to Glen Rose for Girls Night Out, take them shopping, to dinner, and to Night Life on Barnard Street.

Just think of the good you will do by helping your community.  Supporting local business brings tax dollars to improve our area, supports that local waitress, that grocery sacker, that local floral designer, that café owner, the local charities, saving gas money, preventing a ghost town in the town I love and I know you do too.

So look for discounts in your town, twitter them to friends, face book sales, email wonderful shopping ideas, watch the paper for coupons, let’s get this town buzzing! We can make it through the hard times if everyone helps!