To the editor,

A student at Hill College, Glen Rose campus, wishes to offer a sincere apology to all students, parents, staff, and faculty of Hill College for statements made in an article that ran on Thursday, March 19, in the Glen Rose Reporter, Nursing Students Hold Fundraiser. It was stated that “Hill College Nursing students have to raise about $600 per student to pay for graduation and licensing fees,” when in fact, the money that was raised is going toward a pinning ceremony that is voluntary, not mandatory for students to attend. The pinning ceremony is a tradition and privilege that most students look forward to attending. The licensing fees are mandated by the Board of Nursing and are port graduation fees that are not required by Hill College. Hill College is in no way associated or affiliated with fundraisers for pinning ceremonies or licensing fees.

The article states that the students must “pony up for graduation venue costs such as food and location.” There are no costs involved with graduation ceremonies at Hill College. The costs for food and location are part of the voluntary pinning ceremony that we choose to participate in.

It was written in the Glen Rose Reporter that the students would be working at Six Flags for a day and receiving $7/hr and that Six Flags would reimburse the students any withheld taxes. The Six Flags fundraiser has not been confirmed and no wages or tax information has been discussed.

Any mistakes or misrepresentations in the article were in no way the fault of the Glen Rose Reporter or Hill College.

Again, I would like to apologize for any inconvenience or grief that I have brought to the students and staff of Hill College. I would like to personally apologize to Hill College for any misrepresentation I brought upon the college and its staff.

Mikala Metker

Glen Rose

Response to last week’s letter to the editor:

The Water Park is not being “rushed.” It has been considered by 4B for more than a year and in the planning stage for nearly three years.

The entrance is on County Road 335, so the alleged traffic congestion and safety on Highway 67 are not at issue. The cost will be determined by what the community wants and can afford, the 4B budget and decision by City Council. The $4.2 million is merely the total of the various components being considered.

If 4B and the city decide to locate a water park in Oakdale Park, the water aspects will cost the same. There is no land cost projected in Stone Hollow. What is the land cost of Oakdale Park and, as an historic landmark, is it better suited to be preserved in its more natural state.

A water park or a water recreation facility, what is the difference as long as Glen Rose and Somervell County residents young and old alike benefit, regardless the location. It seems that both parties who have opposed the Water Park and disagree with its proposed location do so by mounting personal attacks.

Let’s stop fighting and pointing fingers. Let’s work together for the benefit of all citizens in Glen Rose and Somervell County.

Larry Smith

Glen Rose