To the Editor:

Do to the fact that my ethics have been questioned, I feel I must explain.

As a committee member, I asked that the applications for city administrator be postponed until the new council could be informed and brought up to date. I also felt we were in violation of the Open Meetings Act.

I brought this to another committee memberís attention. None of the meetings had been posted. Government code Section 551-001 of the Open Meetings Act states that ďany committee or subcommittee board appointed by the council are subject to the Open Meetings Act.Ē This includes the 4-B, Comprehensive Plan Committee, Design Review Committee for Oakdale Park, committee for hiring a city administrator and any other committee appointed by the council.

I am upset that I have been personally attacked for doing what the law requires us to do as a council. We should be able to disagree without personal attack, we should always be respectful and professional and, above all, remember we work for the citizens.

Thank you,

Barbara Mitchell

Glen Rose City Council