Oh, my! Birds, birds, birds, everywhere and babies to boot!

I called Lynn Jones last week to see if he had seen any baby martins yet, or if he knew whether they had laid eggs. He called me on Thursday to give me a rundown on the events of the martins. He said he checked all 36 nests and found only three were empty.

Thirty-one of those nests had martins occupying them. He found 160 babies already hatched and 14 eggs still to go. When all those babies start to fly can you imagine how many birds that is flying around Lynn and Ann’s home. It will look like the old movie “Birds”!

I haven’t checked my martin nests yet, but intend to this weekend and I’ll let you know next week. But in the meantime I have to tell you about my most wonderful sighting!

Every year I hear from the route carriers, Pete and Kelly, how they see these beautiful Painted Buntings on the route all the time. Jerry pointed one out to me a few years ago, but I never could pick him out of the trees. It seemed like everyone I knew had seen a Painted Bunting but me. And just in case some of you have no idea what this bird looks like, it is such a work of art.

It always makes me think of a parrot, and the colors are just as bright. The male’s head is blue, with the chest scarlet, lime green back and green wings. It stands out but the female has less strong colors as in most birds, with a lime green, yellow and bright green. They are both beautiful and very fleeting, so look quick.

Anyway, I finally saw one last week in my yard at the bird feeder. I was soooo excited, you would have thought I had won the lottery. Robert always tells me that only old people drink coffee and watch birds, so I guess I have made it, because I love doing both of those and am proud of it.

I also have many blue jays, which I am not so proud of, although they are a pretty bird, they certainly can make the noise. These around here have really been carrying on this past week, especially if the dog or cats are around the big oak tree.

Come to find out they were teaching their new babies to fly and one had fell to the ground. The cat was having a talk with it and patting it on the back, but the mom and dad were not impressed with her attention for their baby. They were sure diving at Stash, but she didn’t seem to notice at all.

So, not wanting to see either one of them hurt I rescued the baby and put her under some plants. Then the cat and I went into the house. We have now done this routine two days in-a-row. I’m hoping these babies learn to fly well very soon.

When I told Lynn Jones about this he was surprised that the adults had not dived at me while I was moving the baby. He told me they had blue jay nests in a tree close to their house several years ago. Lynn says while they were teaching the babies to fly, when he left out the front door the parents would dive and knock his hat off every time. I guess these of mine heard me talking to the bird and reprimanding the cat and knew I wouldn’t hurt it for the world.

The junior high graduation was held on Thursday in the gym. The class was a very impressive group and before the eighth grade had their commencements the teachers of the 6th, 7th and 8th grades gave out the awards to these young students.

After all the awards were given it occurred to me that Walnut Springs has some great potential men and women coming into adulthood to take over our America one day soon.

Student after student was awarded commendable UIL and TAKS grades. Many of these students made 100 percent on their tests. I was so impressed with their grades, that I thought just how good can they be by the time they reach their 12th and final grade in high school. It seemed like it could only be excellent! Way to go to each and every one of you who graduated into high school! Make it all that you can be!

The eighth grade asked Roseanne Jackson to be their speaker and what a job she did! Which doesn’t really surprise me, she is a great teacher in my book. She told the students at one point that “winners make things happen and losers allow things to happen.”

I love that! We all make choices in life. Are those going to be good choices are bad choices? Well, even what we think later were bad choices are going to be fine as long as we learned from them. Just keep that in mind, because none of us are perfect and we will make bad choices, just make it a learning thing and you will move forward.

Friday night the high school seniors graduated. I counted 15 guys and gals who all seemed to be going somewhere from here. Some are headed off to college here in the area, then others were headed off to Chicago and other far away places. How exciting is that?

It’s a big world out there and these seniors seem to have it going on and ready to see the world through their own eyes. Their guest speaker was Coach Jones, a very big part of these students’ lives for several years now. They all look up to him and respect him immensely. He spoke about a man, Kyle Maynard, who was born with no arms or legs but yet never thought of himself as handicapped.

That was never an excuse, instead he fought through all the obstacles until they were no longer obstacles. He never thought there was any difference in himself than anyone else. By the time he graduated out of high school he had won 35 wrestling matches. Is that outstanding or what? He wrestled as an amputee fought all odds and won. The lesson was if he can do this, so can you. What a great story and an uplifting story.

I just have one thing to say to all these seniors as you go out into the world outside Walnut Springs. Someone once said “Life is not measured by the breaths we take but by the moments that take out breath away.” Life is short, it goes by so fast, live it to the hilt and enjoy every breath of it. You all will go far!

I found out an interesting thing while visiting with all the friends and families of these seniors. The Townley’s have a very interesting thing about graduation. Connie Townley graduated from Walnut Springs in 1968 in the original gym, Teresa Townley, her daughter, graduated in 1988 in the first new gym at Walnut and now Terry’s son, Tillman Townley has graduated in 2008 in the brand new gym of Walnut Springs. Strange huh? Three different years ending in 8’s in three different gyms! Wow!

In the morning we will head to Bryan to attend yet another graduation. My grandson, Jake, Michael’s son, will graduate from high school Saturday morning. I can hardly believe my grandkids are getting so old when here I am still very young. Yeah, right!

Call with your news at 797-8200 or email rah991@valornet.com. Now like the farmer said when he fell off the wagon, I gotta hit the road. Have a great week!