To the editor,

It is my understanding, the Federal Reserve, sometimes referred to as the “Fed” plays a very important role in the production, management, distribution and control of our money. One of the more troublesome issues for me about the “Fed” is that although it is authorized by Congress, it does not answer to Congress or the taxpayers. Some refer to the Fed as the fourth branch of our government.  Your congressman or senator can ask for but will not receive a complete audit of the Fed nor will the Fed respond to Freedom of Information Requests. The Fed only discloses to the American people what they want the American people to know. Some in Congress feel this relationship needs to change and therefore have introduced a bill, H.R. 1207, referred to as the “Federal Reserve Transparency Act.” It is a bill to audit the Fed. This bill is small and takes less than three minutes to read. It amends the existing act that created the Federal Reserve so that it allows for a full audit of the organization. It calls for such an audit to be completed in 2010 and calls for a report about said audit to be created. It also stipulates that congressional members who request this report are given full access to the report. If you want to see who is watching out for our money now, Google “Inspector General Coleman” and watch the video of her being questioned by Rep. Alan Grayson. Please consider contacting your congressional congressman by email or phone and ask them to support and vote for this bill. Let it not be said we did nothing.

Bob Lancaster

Glen Rose