I grew up next door to the Hutter family. There were seven folks in that house. Mom, Dad, Sid, Dennis (we called him "Dink"), Julie, Keith and "Gaw-Gaw" (Grandmother lived there, too.) Sid was the oldest of the kids and was one of my best friends growin' up. We spent a lot of time together.

I reckon we were about 11 or so when I spent the night at their house on this particular Friday night. Of course, we stayed up late watchin' scary shows like "Alfred Hitchcock" and "The Twilight Zone," and playin' Monopoly another popular game that required no batteries, no joy-sticks and no Wii-motes. Still, we were up early that next morning, watchin' "Tarzan" on "Jungle Theater." Now those were the days! Watchin' shows like that can make a couple of 11-year-old boys mighty hungry. And so we decided to go find something to eat.

The Hutters, I remember, had a big walk-in pantry. I distinctly remember both of us walkin' into that pantry that morning, lookin' around for something to fill the void. Sid's mom worked during the week and Saturday was her day to get to sleep in. We knew it'd be best not to wake her up. We were big enough to take care of ourselves, at least when it came to eatin'.

As I scoured the shelves with my eyes, I made my way to the top shelf where I saw several boxes of cereal. Ahhhh, breakfast! I reached up and grabbed a box. The only cereal in that box was a piece or two that had somehow gotten down between that inner bag and the box. I grabbed another box. Same thing.

For some reason when those kids emptied a box of cereal, instead of puttin' it in the trash, they put it back on the shelf. But it didn't really matter why. There was no cereal. And so the search continued for something to satisfy our nagging hunger.

Finally we spotted it. A big ol' box of Del Monte prunes. We took the box and headed back to the den to catch up on "Tarzan." We sat there in the floor, starin' at the TV and eatin' those prunes. All of 'em. The whole box.

Funny how we learn so much just livin'. Until that morning I didn't know much about prunes. Didn't know what they were made of; didn't know they could be used for medicinal purposes. But I learned.

And Sid and I didn't see much of each other that afternoon.

Life's an adventure. I'm livin' it up!