To the Editor:

I found it ironic that on the same day (Oct. 27) an editorial appeared in the Glen Rose Reporter lauding the local campaigns for not “going negative” and not “trashing one's opponent,” an ad was placed in your paper by the Somervell County Democratic Party (apparently, as I saw nothing in the ad that clearly indicated who paid for it) doing just that against county judge candidate Mike Ford.

I am ashamed for the Somervell County Democratic Party and disappointed in their mean-spiritedness. My guess is candidate Dwayne Griffin was embarrassed by the ad, as I know he tried very hard to run an upbeat campaign.

As an independent voter, such ads have a very negative effect and do nothing to endear me to the party that stooped to such tactics.

Peter J. Gruber

Glen Rose

Editor's note: Since the Reporter keeps its news content and its advertising separate — I oversee news content and Linda Rowe is in charge of advertising — I often do not see ads until they are in the paper. Such was the case with the political ad you referenced. The candidates themselves all did run public campaigns that did not attack their opponents. The ad was placed and paid for by the Somervell County Democratic Party. A line indicating that was left off after a long quotation was added at the last minute to the bottom of the ad. - K.J.