To the editor,

A couple of weeks ago Garry Acunuius and Megan Cooke contacted me: The City of Glen Rose had put up NO FISHING signs on the Paluxy River. This was not what we wanted on this Texas gem. Texas Parks and Wildlife had stocked Catfish and Rainbow trout in what is now Town Lake the reservoir above the weir that was built last year. This was to help because the natural restocking could not take place with the dam in place.

It seems that last summer there were some problems with people fishing where others were swimming just below the weir in what is call City Big Rocks Park across form Oakdale RV Park on NE Barnard Street. The City was trying to protect the people and correct a problem with a city ordinance to stop fishing.

Garry and Megan did some checking on this. The city has no control over the river that belongs to the people of Texas and falls under state laws. The ordinance was vague on where fishing was banned.

Megan, Garry and I showed up at the city council meeting on Sept. 8.

We discussed the problems and talked with the board members, after Megan’s presentation along with several letters from fishers against the ban. I presented a short talk on the Texas gem we call the Paluxy River and the number of kids that have learned to fish or caught their first fish in the Paluxy. How wading fisherman are hip pocket deep in the environment and care for the river. Stopping the trot lines, jugs and netters would be a better way to handle the care of the river and safety of the people.

The ordinance was amended to follow the wording of several other Texas cities. “

Pole and single barbless hook only, from the bank with in the city limits.”

This allows the kids to catch catfish and bluegills. The fishermen that will bend down the barb can use bait for the Catfish or the stocked trout. The Fly Fisherman can wade the waters and enjoy one of Texas Rivers that team with spotted bass. These are just great fun on a 5-wt. fly rod.

This was a fair way to handle the problem.

I want to thank the Glen Rose city council for handling the problem in such a great way and Garry and Megan for taking time to keep the fishing in the river open.

Allen Crise,

Glen Rose

To the editor,

We would like to express our genuine appreciation to the Glen Rose City Council for how they handled our concern on fishing, as well as the requests presented by other interested citizens of this city. It is truly a credit to the council for their suggestions and comments and their reception of our ideas, and the conception of the new ordinance. Without the input of the council, as well as the spirited comments from audience members, this could not have been possible.

We applaud Chris Bryant in his broad-sighted and forward thinking proposal to encompass this rapidly growing town in this ordinance while protecting both the rights and feet of people sharing the waters of the Paluxy.

Indeed, not only was there support throughout Texas, but anglers from as far away as New Zealand commented to the city via e-mail and telephone to express their desire to return to fish in our historic town.

Additionally, it is our clear understanding from speaking with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Fisheries biologist that our renowned river is being developed as a Community Fishing Lake by TPWD standards. That will continue to benefit our tourist revenue by increased stocking rates of both summer and winter hardy species of fish, as well as protecting our fishery by the same responsible means and methods adopted by our sage council.

Garry Acuncius and Megan Cooke

Glen Rose