As mentioned in my last article, I will now take up the various suggested subjects of the newer aspects of the housing industry. I promised a review of the proliferation of computer usage and how the buyer could benefit from these. I’ll start with computer-generated floor plans.

I mentioned that for several years we have generated floor plans on our computers. Now we can do more than just draw flat lines showing the floor plan on the monitor. We can show the exterior of the home in simulated 3D. We’re able to spin the home around globally so that it can be seen from every angle:

*Looking down at it

*Looking up at it

*A top view

*A top view with no roof

*Cross sections

We can load your home with your furniture so that you are able to see how it would fit in the various rooms. Measure what you have and tell us what room you want to place it and on which wall and then you can see these results from a simple floor plan view or from a 3D camera view.

A fun thing to do is take a walk through or actually more of a fly through of your home. We can place the furniture as mentioned, place scenery outside of your home (mountains, snow scenes, prairie etc…), vehicles in the garage and trees, shrubs and flowers. Then we map out the route that we want the camera to take and record this for viewing in my office or record it on a disk to mail to your friends or relatives.

More and more manufacturers are submitting catalogs of their merchandise to our software supplier. We can download these and they can be used in the views spelled out in the previous paragraph. I now have catalogs of:

*Brick and stone

*Carpets and rugs

*Multiple brands of paint choices


*Flowers and shrubs

*Doors and windows

*And more

The estimating process is faster due to improvements in software. The same can be said of scheduling and record keeping, and all of these can be linked to each other. You have right to know when your home should be completed and what the final cost will be.

You can email or call me if you would like for me to go into more detail on the things we covered here. Reach me at 817-988-0149 or

Ronnie Godfrey of Glen Rose is the owner of R. Godfrey Homes, a builder of high-performance, energy-efficient homes.