Iíve been on the job as Glen Rose Reporter Sports Editor for just over two months now, and I have to say things are going well Ė at least from my perspective.

I have learned a lot of new things Ė suffice it to say the last newspaper I was at seemed to be operating in The Stone Age. Posting content on our website and on Facebook, shooting and editing videos, even handling my own photography during the school year are some of the many ways in which Iím diversifying my portfolio, you might say.

Covering the 6-1 Tiger football team has been a blast; I can handle writing about losses but certainly elaborating on big wins is much more enjoyable. Even in Fridayís loss at Stephenville, the Tigers did a lot of things well and so I didnít mind recapping that action in the least.

The Lady Tiger volleyball team has won its fair share of matches and then some, so Iíve had a good time documenting their 2012 journey. This team relies heavily on its seniors, just as Tiger football does, but it has been encouraging to see the improvement of some of the squadís younger players as the weeks go by. I look forward to potential playoff runs for both of these teams.

Tiger cross country has stepped up its game from last year and, in a departure from those other sports, underclassmen make up a much larger percentage of the programís prominent performers. Certainly what these teams do in the weeks to come is most important, but I always keep in mind the long-term picture and what these programs will look like after 2013 graduation takes its toll.

I know there are plenty of other Tiger teams I will cover in the coming months, and one great aspect of that is many of these athletes Iíve gotten to know will be reappearing for those programs. I love the fact that top athletes at schools 3A and smaller often play a variety of different sports.

At the 4A and 5A levels, many elite athletes play just one sport Ė maybe two Ė and while itís easy to be a backseat driver as those young men and women are doing the hard work, I just donít like that approach compared to a jack-of-all-trades.

The prime reason I ended up in Glen Rose was a matter of timing. I began my job search later in the summer than I wouldíve preferred, and this opportunity arose in late July. I recognized that in this field itís bad news to get too close to the start of a school year without establishing roots, so I decided I better get to Glen Rose while the getting was good.

Itís nice to honestly say it feels like the right choice was made that fateful day, because I really enjoy these teams and the players. To think about those first few days coming up to Glen Rose High School where it still felt foreign, and now to know what I need to do and where to go to do it Ė Iím a big fan of familiarity.

Living in Ennis for most of the past decade with my parents residing in the Brownwood area, Iíve driven right through Glen Rose hundreds of times while only stopping at Burger King, Sonic or a gas station Ė if at all. To set up shop here and learn about all things Glen Rose Tiger, Iím now seeing beyond the tip of the local iceberg and wouldnít have it any other way.