Many people think that when they start gaining weight, it just might be a thyroid issue, but that isnít so. There are more than 99 reasons why obese people can develop a thyroid issue just as well as a thyroid that isnít functioning can cause obesity.

Research shows that more than 100 different chemicals reside in one single fat cell, and only one of the chemicals is good. That means all the inflammatory mediators released from one single fat cell causes havoc amongst the metabolic processes in the body - including the thyroid metabolism.

If you are obese, it is essential that your thyroid be checked to see if you may need thyroid hormone. It is just as well to continue to diet and exercise to get rid of those extra fat cells that cause havoc to metabolic processes all over the body.

Even Subclinical Hypothyroidism should be treated to improve thyroid metabolism.

Flu update

This flu season is the one of the worst ever with the Centers for Disease Control claiming 18 states have hit epidemic levels. There has been a 10-fold increase in the number of flu victims this time compared to last year.

Although the flu vaccine is 70 percent efficacious, it is essential and ethical for you to get your flu shot, not just for yourself, but to protect your family and your community.

Dr. Justus Turner Peters, a family physician at Glen Rose Medical Center's Pecan Plantation clinic, conducts ongoing research in the areas of childhood obesity and lower extremity injuries. He is the Somervell County's local health authority. He can be reached at