When Amanda asked me to write an introduction about myself, I knew it would be difficult. I came up with the following sentences, and then I was stuck. My name is Jennifer Miller, but I answer to a whole host of names. I am mommy and Jen and Professor Miller, and probably the occasional 'hey you' or something even less flattering.

Then the blank screen stared at me for several days, because this is terrifying. I finally decided that in honor of Valentine’s Day, I would introduce myself through a series of love stories.

My parents were an odd couple, a widower with three children and a career woman twelve years his junior. I am their “oops” baby, born long after the older children were grown, married and contemplating families of their own.

My parents' opposites attract relationship gave me the best of so many different worlds. I learned my dad’s frugality and my mom’s generosity. I learned to love books like my mom, and to tell the stories (over and over again) like my dad. I also learned that being the baby girl is a really good place in life.

In college, I fell in love, simultaneously with science and a boy. I went from being an English major determined to write the great American novel and live an Emily Dickinson life to being a lab rat, planning my future with this boy. Unlike my parents, we are quite possibly a little too much alike, too boisterous, too stubborn, too determined. Sometimes I think we are crazy in love, and sometimes I think we are two crazies that just happen to be in love.

Sometime in the midst of graduate school, I fell in love with Glen Rose. After growing up in Arlington, Glen Rose seemed like a utopia. I loved being greeted by name in the grocery store, heading to the auto parts store for the good gossip and the natural beauty. Even better, Glen Rose came with a giant clan of Millers. There are grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins galore!

I thought I was in love before - in love with my husband, passionate about my career, embraced by a wonderful family and enjoying a fabulous community. Then there was J, a little bundle of red hair, scream and cuddles - a love like I had never known before. Since then, we have added L and C to the mix, and my heart overflows with love. With two boys age seven and five and their little sister who is about to turn two, my heart may overflow with love, but my house overflows with noise, chaos, mess and laughter.

And that is me, a product of a series of love stories that have landed me as a wife, mommy, daughter, cousin, friend, professor and resident of Glen Rose.

Jennifer Miller is a local resident, wife, mother and Biology professor. She can be reached at jgearhartmiller@gmail.com