Oh, the pleasure of living in a small town.

The story begins six days ago on our own back patio when I “fell down and broke my crown and the medics came quickly after”.

My brains were rattled, my cheek was swollen and my left hand was aching, but not much. Being a rather wide-bodied person, I couldn’t get up and my wife had no chance to do it by herself.

Long story short - two EMTs arrived within 10 minutes and hauled me post-haste to our fine Glen Rose Medical Center.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by a friendly ER nurse and within a very few minutes an ER physician looked me over and sent me to have my right cheek x-rayed. I didn’t mention my hand, because it wasn’t hurting much at that time. After a few minutes in the radiology department, it was discovered that I did not have a “broken face”. Nothing was broken and perhaps they even discovered that there was very little to be found between my ears.

Whereupon I was sent back to the emergency room again and sent home with instructions as to how to care for the bruises at home. The whole process took less than an hour-and-a-half. Wow! Such great service! Try to get this kind of service in the big city!

Out of an abundance of caution two days later, I went to my personal physician to get a second opinion on my head-bone plus my hand. My physician looked at the x-rays of my head (face, if you prefer) and verified no broken bones. My hand was only badly bruised.

The point of this seemingly rambling and rather boring letter to this point is that all of this took place within less than 48 hours. Try to do that in “Big D” or “Fort Worth, I love you”. It ain’t gonna’ happen!

One of the great things about living in Glen Rose, with our fine medical facilities, is that when you need help, you are among friends who care for you personally and provide services quickly and competently.

Hooray for Glen Rose and our fine medical center!

Charley Thomas