I think we agree that it is time to focus on the real issues and opportunities that Glen Rose faces.

I call on each of the city council members and staff to move forward and abide by high standards of respect, decorum and conduct. Our city has failed to move forward in a number of areas that have made life more difficult for our merchants and citizens.

Without getting into those areas in detail, I am fearful that this council is falling into the adversarial ways of prior councils where personalities, secrecy and backbiting seemed to preclude progress on significant opportunities.

The nonissue of a dead cat has dominated the present council for awhile. All of us need to remind ourselves that the appropriate conduct of council members should be restricted to making policy, considering ordinances and other actions similar to a board of directors of a corporation. Communications between council members and city staff should be made through the city administrator and not in a way that threatens any employee.

The city administrator has the job of supervising all of the city’s operations and is responsible only to the entire city council. If a majority of the city council finds that the city administrator is not performing as expected, then it is time to remind him of what he should be doing or, in extreme cases, appoint a new city administrator.

With respect to the purchase and operating expense of Oakdale Park, the purchase question is a dead horse. It is time to focus on operating the park profitably, sell it, close it or somehow add to its revenues and/or reduce the expenses of maintaining it. The time for debating the purchase (of which i was strongly opposed for many reasons), is dead and gone. We should move on.

We have so many positive things that need to be done to build our city and its image. We have a great story to tell about how great it is as a place to live, raise children and do business.

I am only one, but I have rededicated myself to looking to a better future for our entire area through careful consideration, honest debate and building positive relationships that will benefit all of us.

Will you join with me?

My thoughts are not in criticism of anyone and I trust they are received in the genuine spirit in which they were written.

The thoughts are mine alone.

-- Charley Thomas