Probably the greatest deterrent of tyranny in the history of man has been the invention of the firearm.

Around 1300 and as a result of his travels to China, Marco Polo brought the knowledge of gunpowder to the western world. Before then, power by a few people or a dictatorial government was exerted over many defenseless individuals who did not have any or sufficient body armament or weaponry protection.

As the ensuing result of the invention of the firearm, the lowest peasant with a gun became the equal of an armor-plated knight on an armor-plated horse.

The choice of possible use of self-protection gives freedom and security a better chance. South Chicago, Detroit and Newark, NJ, all have strict gun control laws and the highest crime rates in the nation.

Assault rifles in the hands of outlaws only give the advantage to the outlaw instead of the individual who is unarmed or without an assault rifle.

To paraphrase the above content with a biblical quote – “the more things change, the more things stay the same!”

Eugene Brode

Glen Rose