As lifelong citizens of Glen Rose, this is the opinion of one family on the article in the paper titled “The Shame of Glen Rose.” While we agree with the article that there are properties that need to be cleaned up or demolished, we feel the article was a personal attack on the homeowners of the photos. Within a two block radius of one of the photos, there are three more properties in worse shape. Those properties did not make the wall of shame.

As the article mentions, no names yet sounds like a threat. The homeowners of some of the photos are old-timers. Are these the people that do not care? It is upsetting that articles can be printed without having all the facts. The article mentions one neighbor making comments. Were there any other neighbors of properties contacted for their opinions?

No one has the right to judge anyone else without having walked in their shoes. Maybe the homeowner is elderly, maybe they live out of town, maybe they work six days a week, maybe they cannot afford to have junk hauled off. The good Christian thing would be to ask if they could use some help. We have several wonderful organizations in Glen Rose that helps peoples with beautifying their properties as well as other things. Maybe the good citizens of Glen Rose could volunteer their time to help speed up the process of getting rid of the slummy properties of Glen Rose.

This family is not ashamed of the photo in the paper because if all the facts had been gathered, it would be known that we do care about our property as well as neighbors and Glen Rose – our home. We are working all the time to make things look better. Apparently, not quick enough.

Our family does not know how the other property owners feel, but shame on those people that are quick to judge and give their opinions about someone they do not even know and especially when they do not have all the facts. From one family who is not ashamed and proud to be lifelong citizens of Glen Rose.

Laverne Emery

Phillip and Teresa Thomas

Shirley Bodoh

Editor's response: The photos were meant to illustrate rundown or junky properties discussed in the opinion piece. No names or street addresses were used. No personal attack was intended. The City of Glen Rose's ordinances are designed to protect all property owners from unsightly, unhealthy or unsafe conditions.

You raise a good point about offering help. Those who need help maintaining or cleaning up their properties can contact some of the local churches that assist homeowners, such as First United Methodist Church or Stonewater Church, or apply to have their property become a project for the annual Christmas in Action.

If you or someone you know needs assistance, please contact the Reporter at 254-897-2282 and we will be glad to hook you up with an organization that can help.