Editor's note: In the Nov. 14 edition of the Reporter, a comment from Foy Edwards was posted under "Facebook Feedback." The following is a response from Cathy Thomas, Somervell County elections demonstrator and voter registrar.

I was unaware of Mr. Edwards’s concern and question on Facebook until reading it in the newspaper.

Mr. Edwards his wife, Martha, went to vote on Election Day in Precinct 4. While Mr. Edwards’ name was on the list of registered voters, Martha’s was not. I would like to assure Mr. Edwards - yes, Martha Edwards’ vote counted, as did everyone’s who placed their marked ballot in the precinct counter/ballot cox.

As with anything, problems arise; once we are made aware, the problem is researched and every effort is made to correct it immediately.

Recent changes in state policy have caused voters to be dropped from the list of registered voters. This was brought to our attention Oct. 5 upon receipt of a memo from the secretary of state regarding the immediate reinstatement of voters who have been erroneously cancelled as soon as discovered or brought to our attention.

When the call from Precinct 4 was received regarding Martha‘s name not being on the list, research was expeditious in determining Martha Edwards’ voter registration had been erroneously cancelled. Therefore her voter registration was reinstated immediately.

The election worker was told Martha Edwards’ name should be on the list, let her vote normally. Sign her in as an eligible voter, checkmark the box on the sign in sheet labeled “not on list” and put her name on the omissions list.

Of the approximate 1,385 voters who voted on Election Day, there were a total of four voters (including Mrs. Edwards) in Somervell County whose names were not on their precinct voter list, who had been erroneously cancelled. They were also immediately reinstated and voted as they normally would.

I take pride and delight in my job as elections administrator/voter registrar and try diligently to find all information to allow every eligible voter to cast a ballot and that ballot to ultimately be counted.

We encourage anyone who has a question(s) concerning voter registration, voter status, elections, or similar, to contact our office or come by, we will be happy to help answer any question(s).

The Elections & Voter Registration Office is located at 107 N.E. Vernon St., in the courthouse annex, first office on the left. We can also be contact at (254) 897-9470 or elections@co.somervell.tx.us. You may also visit the Somervell County website at co.somervell.tx.us.