I was so happy to see someone at last begin to try and help put a clean face on older areas in the city. I live outside the city, but relatives come to visit, and the first time I took them to see our town I was embarrassed when I found myself in some of these blocks.

It makes a weak excuse because you work so much. It shows no pride in where you live and who can walk by the junk everyday?

Our little town must not become as others are or becoming. As for the elderly, call your local churches, they will help if you ask them. We have people in town that will haul junk off for nothing!

So I am in full support of bringing this to the public view. No one wants to come and visit or spend time off in deteriorating neighborhoods. It is a good thing our town square is not in that poor condition. See by example what some paint and clean up can do.

GOOD FOR YOU, Kathryn Jones.

Joe Rustenhaven

Glen Rose