Kennedale has been a rival for Glen Rose High School's sports and UIL teams. But it became a friend in need after last week's devastating tornadoes destroyed dozens of students' homes.

In the wake of the storms, GRHS stepped up to help with disaster relief. Water, non-perishable food, clothing and tolietries were among the items students and the community donated.

"Imagine if you lost your entire closet of clothes, you'd only have what you were wearing," the high school said in a statement last week. "Think about the K-12 students who are going to live in shelters over Easter weekend. Wouldn't you want someone to help if it happened to us?"

Students loaded up the donations in GRHS Principal Tommy Corcoran's red pickup truck and he drove to Kennedale on Tuesday to delivery the items.

"I told the kids, 'Go raid the dollar store and buy the dollar razors,'" Corcoran said. "The little things are probably more valuable right now."

The National Weather Service reporter that a single tornado about a quarter-mile wide cut a 4.6-mile-long path through Kennedale and Arlington. Wind speeds were estimated at 135 miles per hour.

About 500 homes and other buildings were damaged or destroyed. Kennedale Mayor Bryan Lankhorst declared the city a disaster area.

The weather service rated the tornado an EF-2 in strength. 

Corcoran said he and Andres Betancur, the tennis team's assistant coach, were talking about how 50 kids lost their homes in the tornadoes. They wondered what Glen Rose could do to help.

Corcoran got on the loudspeaker Wednesday and met with Coach Tommy Dunn and Coach Linda Waggoner and the disaster relief project got rolling. 

Corcoran thanked students and the community for responding.

"Word spread quickly and we got a good response," Corcoran said.

All our good wishes for a speedy recovery go to Kennedale, too.