Glen Rose Elementary School is sending out an invitation to area families. 

On Thursday, Jan. 21, a time ship will depart from the campus and transport families to a special learning event.

"GRES Land Before Time" is the campus' fourth annual family learning event and it promises hands-on educational experiences for students and parents alike.

Bridgett Holder, kindergarten teacher, said each year elementary teachers and staff dig up a different theme. This year, the group decided to focus on prehistory.

"All of our teachers and staff get involved," Holder said. "We work really hard to make it a fun event in hopes that parents from across the community will come out and bring the whole family."

She said the annual event typically welcomes 400-500 individuals to school.

In addition to learning about dinosaurs and other creatures that once inhabited the world, families will rotate across the campus to learn more about the ice age and other time periods.

"Families will walk in through a time machine and be transported to another time," Holder said.

Attendees will have a chance to go spelunking through dark, mysterious caves, excavate hidden treasures, search for dinosaur bones and tracks, decipher ancient cave arts and much more.

Children and adults will rotate from booth to booth at their own pace. Students will get to take home treasures from the adventure - elementary kids will be sent home with grab bags to collect the goodies and other children from across the community are asked to bring their own.

Land Before Time will be held 5:30-7 p.m.