The Glen Rose High School Drama Department presents "Folkwood" at 7 p.m. April 27 and 28.

The production is free and will take place in high school theatre.

Folkwood is a contemporary fable by Max Bush. It's been described as a "modern-day fairy tale" and a blend of comedy and drama with richly developed characters.

The plot revolves around two sisters who venture into a forbidden forest of the "Other Folks" and find riddles, games, dangers and challenges.

"You can enjoy Folkwood for its fun and chases and captures, but it also yields rich rewards for those willing to explore its images and ambiguities," according to the play's publisher.

"The world of the Other Folks is filled with traditional mythological symbols -- night, water, time, owls, earth, forest and moon. They give the play a resonance that will echo long after the curtain has gone."

So come see what these young actors and crew can with a story made to bewitch children and adults.