Carly Payne of Glen Rose has received an academic honor at the 2013 McMurry University Academic Honors Reception held recently. Carly received the award for Wright Scholarship/Barney II/Moore Foundation Scholarship.

McMurry students have a proven track record of academic excellence. Recent graduates have been accepted for advanced study at Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Duke, Rice, Carnegie-Mellon, the Mayo Clinic, Wake Forest, Vanderbilt, Notre Dame, Washington and Lee, Purdue, Emory, Baylor, SMU, TCU, Texas Tech, the Law, Medical, and Dental Schools of the University of Texas, and a number of other prestigious institutions.

McMurry University is committed to providing opportunities and experiences to ensure that every McMurry student achieves their maximum potential-in their careers, their personal relationships, and in their roles as moral citizens and contributing members of society.