The Glen Rose Junior team reached the second round of the Quad County Football Association’s Western Conference playoffs, but its season came to an end Saturday in Godley with a loss to Brock in the Divisional Final for third and fourth graders.

Among the Glen Rose Pee Wee Football Association teams, three squads competed in the first round of the playoffs on Nov. 4.

Glen Rose Junior won its game against Millsap, 26-0, setting up the playoff versus Brock. Brock won Saturday’s elimination playoff game over Glen Rose, 28-0.

The Glen Rose Freshmen (kids up through 2nd grade) lost its first-round playoff on Nov. 4 to the No. 1 seed Godley, 28-0.

Glen Rose Senior (5th-6th graders) lost its first-round playoff to Brock 2, 20-0.

Saturday’s winning teams advanced to face the Eastern Conference winners in the three Pee Wee Super Bowl games, which are scheduled to be played Nov. 18 in Tolar.