Glen Rose took fourth place in the varsity girls division and fifth among the boys on Sept. 4 at the Keene High School XC Invitational cross country meet.

For the Lady Tigers, Jocelyn Mims placed second overall, with a time of 12:35.70 on the girls two-mile course. Sofia Stalker of Abbott won with a time of 12:22.54.

Orrin Miller was the first to finish among the GRHS boys, taking sixth place on the boys’ three-mile course in 17:46.52.

The Tigers and Lady Tigers were scheduled to host their annual meet at Dinosaur Valley State Park starting late in the afternoon on Wednesday, Sept. 11. Results from that meet were not available by press time.


2. Jocelyn Mims 12:35.70; 9. Mignon Miller 13:09.63; 29. Salma De Reza De Loera 14:15.07; 39. Delaila Gomez 14:34.39; 65. Breanna Baker 15:05.98; 72. Hailey Ibarra 15:13.91.


6. Orrin Miller 17:46.52; 10. Carson Osborne 18:23.70; 42. Aiden Gartrell 20:40.77; 85. Ryan Templeton 22:52.85; 95. Gage Cathey 23:29.17; 97. Adan De Reza 23:34.73.