Reporter Staff Report

In football there is offense, defense and special teams. Win two, you likely win the game. Win all three, and you usually win with relative ease.

That was the case for the Glen Rose 9th grade football team last week, as the Tigers scored three offensive touchdowns and a fourth on special teams and held Breckenridge scoreless after a TD on its opening drive for a 28-6 win.

Luke Pugh provided the games biggest highlight with an 80-yard kickoff return, while another score was setup by an 80-yard Josh Mena interception return.

Offensively, Curry Mapes rushed for 45 yards, passed for 28 and scored a TD. Bobby Guinn rushed for 70 yards and a score while Cody Burtscher ran for 43 yards, tallied 28 yards receiving and had a TD. The fourth score came on the ground by Jansen Nash.

The offense was led by the blocking of linemen Jack Payne, Logan Douglas, Eddie Robles, Jared Thames and Hance Burney.

The Tigers were led defensively by Burtscher with seven tackles and Mapes, Barrios and Pugh with five each. Cody Hernandez added a sack to the effort.