Lady Tiger basketball built a big first-half lead at home over Alvarado on Friday, and the visitors could never recover.

Glen Rose (18-7, 3-1) led 27-11 at halftime and shrugged off a 13-0 Alvarado run in the second half to win 48-31. 

"We're in a pretty good spot through the first round in district," Hill said. "We talked about trying to get that excitement we had at the beginning of the season back, which isn't easy with the injuries and illness we've dealt with. We've got room to improve, and we certainly can't go downhill." 

Kayla Goebel (11 PT, 9 RB, AST, 3 STL, 2 BLK) and Destiny Ponce (11 PT, 9 RB, 2 AST, 2 STL) led the offense. 

"When Destiny and Kayla are both rebounding well against teams with size, that's excellent," Hill said. 

Goebel wasn't pleased to hear exactly how many straight points Alvarado scored in that second-half run.

"The game got pretty physical in the third and I don't think we came back out ready to play," the junior said. "Coach Hill warned us they would keep fighting, but we didn't come back strong enough."

Other scorers included Reilly Junge (8 PT, 4 RB, 4 AST, 8 STL), Kelsey Potter (7 PT, 7 RB, 2 STL), Madi Gibson (6 PT, 4 RB, STL), Kate Goen (4 PT, 3 RB) and Shelby Rotan (1 PT, RB, AST).

Glen Rose led 10-4 after the first quarter, as Junge quickly compiled three steals and countless deflections. 

"When nothing else is working, Reilly's going to go to work and get deflections and steals," Hill said. "Her effort is amazing."

Goebel was quick to praise the point guard.

"Reilly did really good (Friday)," Goebel said. "She moves her feet really well and she can read where the ball is going."

Potter was at her best early with five points.

"Potter is so aggressive, especially on the boards," Hill said. 

In a 17-7 second quarter, Goebel and Gibson both nailed three-pointers. 

"We have to hit those outside shots and do more of it," Hill said. 

After Goebel tallied her seventh point of the frame, Ponce stole the ball and scored in transition just before the halftime buzzer.

"That was a big basket and we needed to attack the hoop (often) with them spread out defensively," Hill said. 

Glen Rose led 35-13 early in the third, but Alvarado began to capitalize off steals and other turnovers for a 13-0 run that extended into the fourth quarter. The Indians won the third 11-8. 

Ponce had four rebounds in the third, while Goebel hit another three. 

"We should've settled down and slowed the game down; we finally got it together," Goebel said. "Destiny hustled to the ball and played really good help defense to save us a couple of times."

A Potter layup finally broke the Alvarado run in the fourth, and Glen Rose bounced back to win the quarter 13-9. 

"That was a big basket by Potter to stop the nonsense," Hill said. "It got ugly there for a little bit, like a contagious disease of poor defense and decisions. That was disappointing to let them back in the game."

Glen Rose lived off layups down the stretch, including one by Junge when she finalized the score after her eighth steal.

"That was a very strong play by Reilly," Hill said, considering she sliced right through two defenders. 

Glen Rose will now host Venus on Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. 

"It wasn't one of our best efforts, but it's a win and hopefully we play well next week," Hill said.

Goebel sees an opportunity to start fresh.

"Next week beings the third phase of our season and we're looking to come back strong like we started the season," Goebel said.