Madison Morrow is a sophomore in the Lady Tiger athletic program. A native of Glen Rose, Morrow plays volleyball, basketball and tennis for the Lady Tigers. She is also on the student council and she plays club volleyball.

1. Whatís it like being a GRHS student?

I really love Glen Rose and I couldnít imagine going to school anywhere else. All the students are so welcoming, and so are the teachers. Everybody knows everybody. I think it helps to play sports in smaller schools because players are usually closer; there arenít as many people to choose from. You have what you have, and you work hard with your teammates and friends.

2. Whatís your favorite sport?

Iíve played basketball since Little Dribblers in kindergarten, so thatís my favorite sport. I always work hard to improve, and you get a lot out of it. Itís such a team sport that you get really close with the girls you play with. Iím pretty close with the team now (after moving up from JV during the season). Itís a really good opportunity for me to already be on varsity. It was a goal for me going into the season to try to make it on varsity. Itís unfortunate that Kiffany (Kelly) and Reilly (Junge) got injured, but I tried to step in and help out. Iím glad theyíre back.

3. How did things change when you joined varsity?

The JV games arenít nearly as quick as varsity. I was really surprised when I got moved up and played Ė it was so much faster. I really have had people notice me more now that Iím on varsity. Little kids will come up to me and be like ďIíve watched you play beforeĒ. I donít even know them, but itís pretty cool.