The Glen Rose varsity basketball teams faced perhaps their toughest challenges of the year on Friday in Stephenville, and the situation was no different for the JV and freshman teams.

The JV Lady Tigers lost to Stephenville 44-17. While Glen Rose won the fourth quarter 6-5, it was in deep trouble from the start in losing the first quarter 15-3. Top scorers were Kimberlee McCullough (5), Amber Ponce (3) and Lexi Crabtree (3).

The JV Tigers lost to Stephenville 74-48. Though Glen Rose won the second (13-10) and fourth (17-13) quarters, it lost the first quarter 32-9. Top scorers were Sam Strother (10), Wayne McFadin (9) and Jayden Reynolds (7).

The Freshman Tigers lost to Stephenville 75-48. Though the game was tied after the first quarter at 14-14, Stephenville dominated the second (26-16) and fourth (18-5) quarters. Top scorers were Tucker Garza (21), Nick Fowler (9) and Wyatt Goebel (8).

The Freshman Lady Tigers lost to Stephenville 58-16. Though Glen Rose stayed close in the third quarter (4-6), Stephenville led 15-3 after the first and shut the Lady Tigers out in the fourth (16-0). Top scorers were Sabrina Watson (5) and Brenna Taylor (4).