The future of the Lady Tiger varsity is bright with a number of strong non-senior players, but also because of the Glen Rose JV.

The JV Lady Tigers completed a 17-5 season on Tuesday in Hillsboro, 25-13 and 25-6.

“The girls have really had a great season; we only had five losses,” said coach Deanna Bozarth. “The teams we did lose to were big schools. This was a great group of girls that worked hard, did everything I asked them to do and they got along great together. That made it fun and easy for me as a coach – one of the best seasons I’ve had in 20 years.”

In game one, nine Madison Morrow service points and four from Kalli Crabtree helped the Lady Tigers pull into a 17-7 lead with Jarissa Keller making a block on that last point. Keller had a kill two points later, and then consecutive Bryse Brownen aces made it 20-8. A late Morrow tip helped Glen Rose close it out (25-13).

“Madison was really sharp in that first game,” Bozarth said. “Jarissa did a good job once again. When we play teams that aren’t that great, we rise up and do our jobs.”

After a 1-1 start to game two, Lexi Crabtree (4-straight aces) served up trouble for Hillsboro with an eight-point streak (9-1).

“It was good to see Lexi start off our last game that way,” the coach said. “She’s served well all season and gotten better with more topspin on it.”

After a Sloan Williams tip for 10-2, it was Kalli Crabtree’s turn to roll with a five-point serving streak (ace) and a 15-2 lead. Miscues were hurting Hillsboro, and so was the serving of Olivia Banz (5-point streak, 2 aces) for 21-3.

“Olivia really showed some power there,” Bozarth said. “She’s done such a great job as a freshman; I look forward to watching her the next three years. Our team feeds off momentum and the other team’s mistakes.”

Morrow added one more late kill and then a Lexi Crabtree kill completed the match (25-6).

“We didn’t make that many mistakes in game two,” Bozarth said. “Three of these girls are going to travel with the varsity for playoffs, and I’m excited for them.”