Marquis Holder is a senior in the Tiger athletic program. Born in Cleburne and raised in Glen Rose, Holder competes in basketball and tennis. He is a student council representative and the president of Heath Occupations Students of America (HOSA).

1. Whatís your favorite sport?

Tennis is my favorite sport, because (it comes) more natural to me than the others. The flow of the game Ė itís more of a mental game than some other sports. Itís all about angles and itís a fast-paced game. The first time I really took notice of tennis was my freshman year when I saw some kids here at school playing. I thought it was a cool sport, I gave it a shot and I really enjoyed it.

2. What do you enjoy about being a GRHS student?

GRHS is a really close school. Nearly everyone knows who you are and our academics are amazing. Our athletics program is one of the best and your teammates become like brothers, plus we have the nicest facilities. I see a lot more spirit in Glen Rose than I do in other schools. Iím proud to say I go to Glen Rose High School; I wouldnít want to go anywhere else.

3. What are your goals in your senior year?

I really want to go deep into the playoffs in basketball this year. In tennis, I want to go to regionals for doubles and finish strong. Hopefully, Iíll have my EMT basic (training) before I graduate, because Iím going into the Navy and studying for a career in the medical field. I also want to finish this year with good grades.