The Lady Tigers allowed 36 points earlier this month in Venus, but Glen Rose was quite a bit stingier on its home court Tuesday night.

Glen Rose (19-7, 4-1) actually scored enough points in the first quarter alone to beat Venus on the way to a 50-11 win. Venus only scored multiple baskets in the third quarter.

"(Venus) is working and getting better; it is tough for them to score," said coach Sheree Hill. "But there are a lot of things we need to improve on."

Reilly Junge (9 PT, 3 RB, 2 AST, 4 STL) and Kayla Goebel (9 PT, 6 RB, 4 STL, BLK) led the way, as Glen Rose swept Venus on the season. Other top scorers included Destiny Ponce (7 PT, 2 RB, 2 AST, 2 STL, BLK), Kate Goen (6 PT, 3 RB, 4 STL), Kelsey Potter (5 PT, 5 RB, 2 STL) and Madi Gibson (5 PT, 4 RB, STL).

All 10 Lady Tigers actually got on the scoreboard in the contest. Remaining scorers included Shelby Rotan (3 PT, 4 RB, AST), Madison Morrow (2 PT, 2 RB, AST, 2 STL), Kiffany Kelly (2 PT, RB, 2 AST, BLK) and Ashlan Bernard (2 PT, AST, 2 STL).

After going out with a knee injury on Dec. 7, Kelly made her return Tuesday and got on the scoreboard with a putback in the third.

"It was definitely mental to have made a comeback this season because I had to have it in my head to comeback and try," Kelly said. "(Athletic trainer Charla) Arendt did really well and worked me really hard. I had to ride the elliptical, stretch, exercise, run, (do) boxes, shoot - it's really awesome to be back. We had to work pretty hard on offense and it wasn't our best offensive game, but we just have to keep working hard."

Junge was ready to play, as evidenced by her three steals in less than three minutes to open the game. She and Rotan each buried three-pointers to help Glen Rose lead 13-3 after one quarter. Venus grabbed several offensive rebounds, but couldn’t do much with them.

"Reilly played well; I don't have any complaints about her," Hill said. "Shelby plays hard on defense; when she's got a shot she takes it. She blocked out and rebounded hard."

The Lady Tigers took the second quarter 9-2, as Goebel scored in transition and hit a midrange jumper. Ponce made the most of a steal when she assisted Junge on the fast break. While Morrow chipped in with an offensive rebound and immediately made a short jumper late in the half, Glen Rose was one-and-done on several offensive possessions or the deficit would’ve been worse for the visitors.

"That was a pretty little jumper and I like that Madison didn't try to use the glass when it wasn't needed," Hill said. "I think we took several shots at unusual times, so no one was in rebounding position and that hurt our offensive rebounding. At the other end, our defensive intensity was lacking at times and so Venus got some offensive boards."

As Glen Rose won the third quarter 14-4, Ponce completed an and-one play early on and then Junge took a charge.

"Destiny worked hard around the basket when she got the ball and made the right moves," Hill said. "That was a nice and-one she got."

Though the Lady Tigers had some trouble finishing, they were locked in defensively with Goebel and Ponce blocking shots to go with steals from several players.

"I don't know how many layups and free throws we missed, but we've talked about needing to finish shots," Hill said. "I have yet to see us get better at it, so I'm sure hoping we decide to turn that around pretty quickly."

Kelly grabbed an offensive board and went back up with it to register her first points of 2013 in the third.

"The (biggest) positive of the night was Kiffany's return," Hill said. "It means so much to me, and I know it does to her and her teammates."

Kelly proved her coach right.

"It felt amazing (to score in my first game back) because I wasn't expecting it," the senior said. "It's hard to express how good I felt."

In a 14-2 fourth quarter, Goebel hit her third-and-final jumper among four baskets.

"As Kayla realizes that (midrange) shot is usually available to her, she'll force less shots around the basket and be fine," Hill said.

With 5:30 left in the game, all subs came in and they won the remainder of the contest 8-2. Kelly continued to chip in with a block and then an assist to Goen for a layup.

"Usually I would get some blocks before I got hurt, so it felt good to be able to still do that, even if I'm not 100 percent," Kelly said.

Goen kept up her effort with a putback and a couple of steals, while Bernard stole the ball and scored in transition.

"It was nice to give the subs some extra time and see them do well," Hill said. "Kate did a good job of reading when to double the ball and a lot of other things defensively. Ashlan did some good things defensively that we had talked about."

The Lady Tigers will return to the court on Friday in Hillsboro at 6:30 p.m.

"We're going to work on our intensity this week, because we don't want to go to Hillsboro flat," Hill said.