Stetson Overton is a senior in the Tiger athletic program. Born in Granbury and raised in Glen Rose, he’s a guard for Tiger basketball.

1. What’s your favorite sport?

I started playing basketball when I was really young; I signed up to play in kindergarten. I really loved the sport, so I stuck with it. I tried other sports growing up, but none of them felt right. When you play everyday with your friends, it just feels right and the chemistry grows. I think being part of a team helps you in life and challenges you. Basketball is a game where you need to be an overall player, while in some other sports you may only need to do one or two things well.

2. What do you enjoy about being a GRHS student?

I love going to Glen Rose because of the environment; we have great facilities, great teachers that will help you before or after school. We have great opportunities to do well in life. Every one of us wants to better ourselves, and everyone supports each other.

3. What would you say about this hoops season?

This season has been really special to me. I need to enjoy it while it lasts. We have so many seniors who have been playing and growing up together. I just hope by the end of the season that all of our potential shows through. I was really proud of how we played as a team and competed to the best of our abilities against China Spring. Against Alvarado (at home), we started off right and just took it to them. A lot of guys stepped up with Ben (Coppock) out.