The varsity Lady Tigers won second overall on March 29 in the Clifton Cub relays with 99 combined points.

In the 400m run Kalli Crabtree was able to seal fifth place, with Julie Montellano right behind in sixth. Montellano also placed fifth in the 800m dash.

Sierra Armstrong put points on the board for Glen Rose by placing fifth in the 100m hurdles.

Glen Rose led the way, grabbing first in the 400m relay ran by Jaylan Dillard, Reilly Junge, Katie Betsill and Ashlan Bernard.

Lexi Crabtree, Dillard, Betsill and Bernard placed fourth in the 800m relay.

The Lady Tigers also placed fourth in the 1600m relay run by Dillard, Bernard, Betsill and Junge. Junge leaped to fourth in the long jump, with Bernard securing sixth. Junge also placed second in the triple jump, with L. Crabtree picking up third.

K. Crabtree earned third with L. Crabtree right behind, placing fourth in the high jump.

In the shot put Destiny Ponce placed second, Amber Ponce placed fifth and Teryl Dunn secured sixth. Mandy Adams placed third in the discus, with Dunn grabbing fifth, Taylor Rhodes and Samantha Montoya vaulted to fifth and sixth place in the pole vault.