The Glen Rose Tigers are clearly a quality football team at 5-0, and the strong play of senior quarterback Colton Bretton is a key reason why.

Earning Second Team All-District honors as a junior after taking over for an injured teammate during the season, Bretton has taken his game to a new level. The signal caller mentioned a variety of areas where he’s noticed strides made.

“Definitely my footwork, seeing the field better, hitting my receivers right (on target) and my arm strength – I think I’ve improved all the way around,” Bretton said. “Probably improving my accuracy required the most work. It took a lot of throwing and time working with my receivers. I think the spring (practices) and summer (workouts) both helped me a lot.”

Born in Arlington, Bretton grew up in Mansfield before moving to Glen Rose in the seventh grade. He started playing football in the fifth grade.

“During my sophomore year, I got more serious about football because that’s when I felt like I started to get pretty good at quarterback,” Bretton said. “That made me like the sport even more.”

Bretton brings some versatility to Tiger athletics, as he was a Second Team All-District basketball player as a sophomore and then earned First Team honors last year.

Halfway through the regular season, Bretton holds an outstanding 13-3 touchdown-interception ratio.

“It’s very important,” he said of the stat. “If that ratio wasn’t pretty high, we wouldn’t win as many games. Hopefully it means that my decision-making is good. My receivers really help my stats out.”

It didn’t take long for Bretton to begin building that particular stat, as he threw three touchdowns – all to Justin Weatherley – in the first two quarters of the season against Carrolton Ranchview.

“(That start) really boosted my confidence, because I really didn’t know what to expect going into the season with it being the first game and all,” he said. “It had me thinking ‘wow, we’re pretty good this year’ and gave me something to look forward to. (Justin and I) have put in countless hours throwing and catching.”

As great as game one was for Bretton and the Tigers, it obviously paled in comparison to the victory over China Spring.

“Winning the China Spring game meant the world to me, really,” Bretton said. “Especially when we were down, our team didn’t give up and kept fighting. We took the lead and our defense played great that game, especially with all the stops and three-and-outs that we needed, and then Jensen (Nash) made a great touchdown catch at the end. It’s definitely the best regular-season win I’ve been a part of.”

As well as the Tigers have played in 2012, it’s fun to ponder the possibilities.

“I definitely think this can be the best Glen Rose team I’ve been on,” Bretton said. “Everybody seems to be really into it this year, giving 100 percent every game. The defense is doing great, the offense is really clicking.

“We just seem to be doing better than ever right now, so I think if we keep that up we can go really far. We’ve always gotten along great, but as the season goes that (camaraderie) seems to be better for us than ever.”

Considering the position he plays, it’s been especially important for Bretton to be a senior leader.

“Everybody seems to listen to me well,” he said. “Hayden (Holder) does a great job at backup quarterback of listening to me and watching what I do. It’s definitely been easier to be a leader because of how well things have gone for our team.”

Not surprisingly, Bretton shares a similar job description with his favorite athlete.

“It’s Aaron Rodgers,” he said of the Green Bay quarterback. “He always seems to be in control on the field and know what to do. He’s one of the best passers I’ve ever seen.

“He’s so accurate, especially in that Green Bay offense, because all they really do is throw the ball. He’s just the best at what he does, I think.”

When his Tiger days are done, Bretton hopes he’s still putting up passes.

“I hope I get to go play (college) football somewhere,” he said. “If that doesn’t work out, I still want to go to college and get a degree in business, then take it from there.”

The prospect of Saturday football can wait, because for now Bretton is busy doing his best work under Friday night lights.