Despite having three key lifters out of commission, Glen Rose finished ninth out of 29 teams at Santo Saturday.

“It was a huge meet,” said Glen Rose head coach Terry Harlin. “There were 330 lifters and 29 teams. We held our own considering we were missing three of our top lifters.”

Juniors Jason Geyer, Jesus Aguilar and sophomore Jared Thames missed the lift due to illness and injury.

All three are expected to return next week.

Of the 15 lifters, Glen Rose had six finish in the top ten in their respective weight classes.

Leading the Tigers was senior Jimmy Johnson.

Johnson, one week removed from a first place finish in Venus, claimed first again in the 220-pound weight class.

Johnson squatted 575 pounds, bench pressed 390 and deadlifted 550 to post a total weight of 1,515 pounds. He’s now ranked first in the region.

Nathan Smith took fifth place in the 123-pound class with a total of 705 pounds. Smith is ranked sixth in the region in his weight class.

Also in the 123-pound class, Carlin Linnaberry claimed sixth place with 670 pounds.

Zac Perez took sixth place in the 275 class with 1,285 pounds while Logan Douglas and Alex Hurtado took ninth and 10th, respectively, place in the 198-pound class with scores of 835 and 820.

Other lifters were Weston Clifton (12th place in 132-pound class), Donald Coffman (15th place in 148-pound class), Keith McAnally (16th place in 148-pound class), Garrett Trotter (24th place in 148-pound class), Blake Eschbach (19th place in 165-pound class), Josh Mena (21st place in 165-pound class), Thomas Simpson (16th place in 181-pound class), Hunter Redmond (23rd place in 181-pound class) and Julian Alcala (13th place in 275-pound class).