Ashlan Bernard is a sophomore in the Lady Tiger athletic program. She grew up in Brady before moving to Glen Rose in the eighth grade. Bernard competes in basketball and track and field, but is also a cheerleader at GRHS.

1. What do you enjoy about attending GRHS?

At my last school, no one had any school spirit and wanted to do anything. When I got here it was all about GRHS Tigers, and I loved it. I love the atmosphere here; everyone is always so nice to each other. Thatís what I love about this basketball team. I love these girls more than I love the game, which is saying a lot because I love basketball.

2. What stands out to you about competing on varsity?

It is a totally different atmosphere between JV and varsity. On varsity, you get music, everyone cheers for you, you get your name called out. I thought it was just going to be another basketball game, but itís really not. I get really nervous before varsity games, but I didnít before JV games.

3. What are your goals before you graduate?

I want to become a better basketball player Ė more aggressive and stronger. My favorite sport is track because I love running and I always have, so I want to work for a track scholarship. As far as academics, I plan on taking more advanced classes in my junior and senior years so I can get into a good school. I want to get in NHS and Iíve really been working to get my grades where they need to be.