It may not have counted for anything other than more practice and bragging rights, but the Glen Rose Tigers managed to put a W on the board in their first scrimmage of the season.

The Tigers beat Grandview 3-2 at Tiger Stadium Saturday.

“For our first performance, I was really pleased with it,” said head coach Tommy Dunn. “Offensively, we started out really well. We controlled the line of scrimmage and pretty much did whatever we wanted with our first team offense.

“Our defense started strong,” he continued. “But later in the scrimmage we got beat deep on a couple plays, but you have to expect that with a young secondary.”

This was the first time the offensive line has had to play against opposing pass rushers since the loss of last year’s anchor at left tackle, DJ Figueroa.

“That left tackle spot is still a work in progress,” said Dunn. “We rotated a couple of kids in there and they did real well. We didn’t give up any sacks, but Grandview was playing a basic defense. They weren’t sending a whole lot of pressure.”

In a game that is ultimately considered a glorified practice, Dunn said the number one goal of the scrimmage is to come out healthy. The Tigers were able to do that for the most part, but were struck with a couple of rough blows.

Anders Dahl and Cody Burtscher were forced to exit early with injuries. Dunn, however, doesn’t expect them to miss serious time.

The Tigers have one final scrimmage on Friday in Waco where they will play La Vega at 5 and 7 p.m. The freshman and JV will precede the varsity scrimmage.

The regular season begins Aug. 27 at Tiger Stadium for a 7:30 p.m. kickoff with Bridgeport.