Right fielder Westley Pritchard verbally committed to Schreiner University in Kerrville last week while watching his future team compete on the diamond.

Pritchard took some time out of his day to answer some questions from the Reporter.

Q. When did you meet with the coach and what were your feelings going into the meeting?

A. I met with Coach Brisben before their game last saturday, and my feelings going into it were kinda all over the place. I just wasn't sure if Schreiner would be a good fit for me, it being such a small school, but with them moving conferences in two years, I feel like Schreiner's competition level will be higher than the American Southwest Conference.

Q. Did your family accompany you to the game?

A. My dad and I talked to the coach. My dad really felt like it was a great fit for me and helped me realize it was a lot better than I expected.

Q. What questions did you ask the coach about academics, scholarships, the program and expectations?

A. The coach just asked what my expectations were at the college, if it was a good environment for me. Since they are a Division 3 they can't offer athletic scholarships, but I am receiving two scholarships for academic purposes, one for $3,500 and the other for $2,000, those are per year. The coach is in his first year at Schreiner and he was saying he is all about rebuilding programs, and I really felt strongly that his attitude towards the team was very fit for a player like me. My expectations going to Schreiner are to play baseball with a winning attitude and prove to Coach Brisben I'm there to work hard for him and help contribute to a winning season.

Q. Is there anything you are worried about with your verbal commitment to Schreiner?

A. Really, I'm not worried about Schreiner at all. I feel it will be the best opportunity to further my career in baseball, and I believe the program will turn around really fast with Coach Brisben.

Q. Is baseball your passion, or is there another sport or activity that trumps it?

A. Baseball is my favorite sport by far, but the emotional environment, the activities, and the connection you have with your team in football makes football one of those sports that you can't not love. I love playing baseball but enjoy the environment of football more.

Q. Is there a certain aspect of your game you feel needs more improvement than others for college play?

A. Yes, my batting isn't quite at the college level, but like I told the coach, I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make that the strongest aspect of my game.

Q. Do you see yourself staying at Schreiner for four years or trying to advance to D2 or D1?

A. I haven't really looked at those options quite yet. If Schreiner continues to be the college for me and I feel like the program is improving, I will more than likely stay. If I have any other options, those thoughts will be in the back of my mind.

I just want to say the town of Glen Rose is very supportive of the school and sports, and it made my experience that much better. Glen Rose athletics made me the athlete I am today, and I wouldn't want it any other way. I would also like to mention that I'm glad to represent Glen Rose at Schreiner and possibly any other level of baseball.