Kate Goen is a senior on the Lady Tiger basketball team. Born in Arlington, she moved to Glen Rose at age four. She is a member of the Future Community Career Leaders of America (FCCLA) and of the Practices in Education (PIE) program. Goen hopes to attend either Tarleton or UNT.

1. Whatís your favorite sport?

I started playing Little Dribblers when I was in third grade, and Iíve played basketball all the way up through this year except when I was out injured last season. Iíve also played select basketball since the fifth grade. Itís definitely my favorite sport; I think itís just being out there with other people doing things that a lot of people donít get the chance to do.

2. What do you enjoy about attending GRHS?

I think our school sports have done really well this year and in the past; our athletics is definitely something I like about our school. Our academics are pretty good, too. I love that being such a little school we have one of the top-ranked gyms in the state and a great football field, too. Our coaches, especially Coach (Robbie) Gibson and Coach (Sheree) Hill, have been a really big help for me off the court and stood by me the entire time.

3. What are your thoughts on varsity-level athletics?

Varsity basketball is definitely a lot more intense than JV. Itís a big step up, but I think someone like Madi Gibson playing varsity as a freshman is doing an awesome job. It feels great when you go through town and someone tells you that you played well when you donít know who it is; itís good to be noticed for your play. All the younger kids (in town) look up to (my teammate) Reilly Junge, and I think thatís awesome.