Colton Bretton, recently ranked as one of the top 30 quarterbacks in Texas, answered multiple questions for the Reporter.

The answers shined light on the bright quarterbacks future and mental process.

Who do you credit to getting you to this point (top 30 quarterbacks) in your career?

I would credit Coach Dunn for teaching me the fundamentals of the game. Also, I would credit my offensive line, receivers and running backs for always protecting me and catching my passes.

What one thing was the hardest for you to overcome?

The hardest thing for me to overcome was keeping the ball high and releasing it from my ear rather than dropping the ball around my waist and releasing it.

What do you think about being ranked in the top 30 in Texas?

I am honored to be ranked in the top 30 QBs in Texas, it just shows what hard work can get you.

Where would you rank yourself among quarterbacks in Texas?

I would rank myself one of the better QBs in Texas because I have put in a lot of hard work and time into bettering my skills.

Have you been working at any camps this summer?

I have been to several college camps this summer such as SMU, Baylor, OSU, Houston, Texas Tech, North Texas, Washington State and TCU.

What do you expect to happen, numbers- wise, for you next season?

Numbers-wise for me next season, I would like to pass for over 2,500 yds and rush for over 400 yds.

How far do you expect to take this Glen Rose team next season?

I expect to take the team farther than we did last year. I feel we have a great group of guys and and should do very well.

Does the new district affect the outcome of the teams regular season?

Adding Stephenville will be a challenge for our team, but I think we will still do well in our district.

Do you want to continue to play football in college? if so, where and why?

I do want to continue to play football in college. I would like to play at Texas Tech, North Texas, TCU and OSU, and am also keeping an open mind for what doors God will open for me.

Have you received any interest from colleges?

I have received interest from Texas Tech, OSU and Washington State.

Who have you looked up to in football and why?

I have looked up to Aaron Rogers because he is a great leader on and off the field, and he knows what it takes to win.

Bretton also stated, I also want the readers of Glen Rose to know how much our team appreciates their support.