On Monday, the Glen Rose Junior High Tiger basketball teams took the court against Venus.

The eighth grade A-team lost 41-10. Scorers included Matt Willis (8) and Brazos Overton (2).

The eighth grade B-team lost 22-11. Scorers included Adrian Barraza (4), Colton Bunt (3), Hayes Burney (3) and Josue Guia (1).

The seventh grade A-team defeated Venus 32-10. Scorers included Logan Thames (20), Jake Anderson (4), Jett Gould (2), Zac Banz (2), Chance Hatfield (2) and Tate Swearengin (2).

The seventh grade B-team lost to Venus 16-11. Scorers included Cooper Holder (4), Jonah Wilson (4) and Reynaldo Reyna (3).

These teams return to action at home on Jan. 10 against Hillsboro and then host the Glen Rose Tournament on Jan. 12.