Many would find it hard to believe that the trainer for the Glen Rose High School football team for the past three years is a high school student, but that is exactly what senior Taylor Sexton has been doing since the middle of his eighth grade year.

Sexton has been a trainer for the football team for four years and this is the first year the high school has hired a full time certified trainer since he started. He now works as assistant trainer.

As a trainer, Sexton handles the prevention and treatment of sports injuries. He has gone to several athletic training seminars over the years and has worked with Randall Foster and Dr. William Evans at Cross Timbers Orthopedics in Stephenville.

He is also a member of the Somervell County Fire Department. Sexton got his start in the department’s Explorer program, an educational program for high school students. The program gives the students opportunities to do ride-alongs with the fire department and more.

“I am in the EMT basic program at this time,” Sexton said. “You can’t be a fully certified EMT. while you are still in high school.”

However, Sexton does have his Emergency Care Attendant certification (ECA).

On top of doing all of this, he has also managed to stay in the top quarter of his class.

Sexton plans on going to Tarleton State University in Stephenville for his first year of college to get the basics out of the way. After that, he is still trying to decide between Texas Christian University, Tarleton or Texas A&M University. He hopes to go into sports medicine or orthopedics.

Sexton is the son of Brent and Trish Sexton, and is a fourth generation Glen Rose resident.