When Glen Rose hits the field in 2009, they’ll be doing it in style.

The Tigers have upgraded their home and away jerseys for the upcoming season.

“It’s basically a Texas Tech look but without the black,” said head coach Tommy Dunn. “They’re going to be real sharp.”

Red and white will still be the dominant colors.

The old jerseys will be recycled down through the system, with the JV receiving last year’s varsity shirts.

“It’s something that we get to do every so often, and everyone who’s seen the design really likes it,” said Dunn.

According to Dunn, the jersey’s will be cheaper than last season’s model in the long run.

“The seniors like to buy their jerseys when they graduate, and so when we would have to replace them, the replacement cost was about $120. These jerseys will cost us much less each time we have to replace one,” said Dunn.

The uniforms were due to arrive in July, but still have yet to reach the field house.

“They were supposed to be in by the end of July, but the company (Ripon) we are using wouldn’t ship it because they didn’t feel the quality was up to their standards. I’m glad that’s the kind of company we’re dealing with,” said Dunn.

The jerseys should arrive any day.