The Freshman Tigers were vastly outmanned Thursday, Oct. 3 against Kennedale, but that didn’t stop them from competing.

The visitors used their physical advantage to control the action for a 37-0 victory over the Tigers (2-4).

“Kennedale was very big and fast,” said coach Kiel Miller. “Offensively, we had trouble moving the football, but we played well defensively. Our guys were at a big size disadvantage, but we didn’t lay down and gave everything we had.”

While the Tigers did get a first down on a roughing the punter penalty, the first down they earned with production came late in the fourth via a nine-yard Jason Mancia run and then an eight-yard Kully Reynolds run.

“Those were two good runs,” Miller said. “We got on our blocks, and when we do that we’ll make yards. The guys were working hard on offense. I don’t know that we could’ve given more than we did.”

On defense, Logan Smith made a tackle for loss. He also recovered a fumble during a Kennedale punt return.

“Smith is all over the field on defense,” said coach Fred Cordova. “He’s a good guy to have back there and is one of our most physical players. Austin Mullins slowed that guy up to allow Logan to finish him off (on the tackle for loss).”

Carter Cross, J.T. Laramore and Brennan Cary each made a tackle for loss.

“Cary did well in his first game back from an injury,” Cordova said. “Cross is a big guy and we’re going to try to capitalize on that.”

Wyatt Dahl recovered a fumble in the fourth quarter.

“The guys had to keep playing late in the game and it paid off for Dahl there,” Cordova said.

Charlie Rios made a bevy of hard-nosed tackles in the contest.

“Charlie is very strong and he did a great job at linebacker, but also played tough at nose guard,” Cordova said.

The Freshman Tigers return to the field Oct. 10 in Stephenville at 5 p.m.

“If we have a great week of practice and play like we did late in this game, we have a good chance of going to Stephenville and playing them tough,” Miller said.