The Tigers defeated two out of three teams while playing in the championship bracket in the 7-on-7 state championships, on July 20.

Glen Rose beat La Villa due to a forfeit, beat Merkel 32-26 in overtime and lost to Graham 38-35 in the last minute of the game.

La Villa forfeited by the coach’s choice.

With Glen Rose up 28-20, La Villa’s player’s tempers started to flare.

One player was thrown out for disrespectful actions towards a referee, and the coach was thrown out due to improper language towards the ref.

La Villa was not disqualified, but the coach chose to forfeit, punishing the rest of the players for his actions.

Merkel took an early 19-7 lead and Glen Rose fought back to tie the game 26-26.

Both teams got four plays to score 20 yards from the end zone.

Glen Rose started first and completed two passes in a row to Jared Thames for a touchdown.

The Tiger defense stepped up big with Cody Burtscher intercepting the ball in the end zone and ending the game, on Merkel’s last chance to stay in the game.

Graham was able to beat Glen Rose in the last minute of the game.

Glen Rose had the ball when the two-minute warning sounded.

The Tigers worked the ball into the end zone and left less than a minute on the clock.

Graham hustled to the ball and threw three passes in 45 seconds and found the end zone and the win.

The Tigers won six out of the seven games they competed in, in the two days of football at College Station.

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