A lot of coaches have won football games at Glen Rose High School.

Only three coaches, however, have won more than 30 games as leader of the Tigers. The top Tiger of them all is Paul Schuelke, who led the program from 1963-79. With a record of 94-69-9, Schuelke coached a full decade longer than any other headman in program history.

“I never heard daddy ever say anything about how many games he’d won, I just think he loved Glen Rose and loved being part of the athletic program there,” said his son Mike Schuelke, a running backs coach at Keller Central. “I’m certainly proud of him. Coaches often come and go in a hurry, but he was there a long time and had a lot of success because he was able to build a program. He took a lot of pride in coaching there and wanted the Tigers to be competitive in everything.”

An interesting aspect of Schuelke’s tenure was that he coached nearly every sport throughout the school year. He was a head coach for football, girls’ basketball, baseball and girls’ track.

In the 60s, he was also a head volleyball coach back when it was a spring sport. It wasn’t uncommon for Schuelke to coach multiple sports at the same time.

“He was committed to the boys’ and girls’ athletic programs there and was a big part of both,” Mike said. “Back in those days, there was no offseason. He just went from one sport to the next.”

Joe Crouch currently holds the No. 2 spot among Tiger coaches. From 1987-1993, he compiled a record of 41-30-2.

“Obviously you don’t win many games if you don’t have good players,” Crouch said. “The seven years I coached here we had some very good players. We also had great community backing, very similar to what Coach (Tommy) Dunn has had.”

Much like the situation for Glen Rose now, Crouch said it was a challenge to be one of the smallest 3A schools around. His tenure at Glen Rose began a year after the Tigers moved up from 2A.

“I knew Coach Schuelke was first in wins, but didn’t know I was second,” Crouch said. “I’ll be third by November I’m sure (with Dunn now six wins behind).”

Crouch said he met Schuelke in 1965 when Crouch was coaching in Comanche.

“I knew Paul and had a lot of respect for him,” Crouch said. “He was working in a school without many resources at that time and Glen Rose was usually the smallest school in the district. In my opinion, he had a great football mind and was a real student of the game. He used his players in the best way possible.”

When Crouch became head coach, Schuelke was coaching at Glen Rose Junior High.

“He scouted for me for several years and did a great job of it,” Crouch said. “He played in the Texas high school all-star game in his day, so he was quite an athlete.”

As for his tenure, Crouch quickly recalled what his favorite aspect of being a Tiger coach was.

“The best thing about coaching here is the terrific community support and spirit,” Crouch said. “I came here not knowing how strong the fan base was, even in the lean years, and I appreciated that more than anything.”

Dunn, Glen Rose head coach since 2008, passed Jack Waggoner for third place in wins during the 2012 season. Dunn currently sits at 35-21-0.

“It’s good to come to a place like Glen Rose and be a part of the community and school system,” Dunn said. “It’s such a high-quality place to work. I’ve tried to be a part of the tradition and hopefully improve upon it to create an atmosphere where success is expected. I’ve been pretty fortunate.

“The head coach is a reflection of his staff, and I think we have an excellent staff that contributes to our success. The kids I’ve coached have been great to work with and that’s also a key reason for success.”

Dunn appreciates the standard Schuelke set.

“I knew Coach Schuelke before I ever came to Glen Rose,” he said. “It’s rare for a head coach to stay in one place for the longevity he held here. You have to have a lot of things in your favor – more than just wins and losses.

“You have to be a part of the community and do right by the kids. Obviously he was able to do that.”

Dunn is also familiar with Crouch’s work.

“I know Coach Crouch and he’s been nothing but supportive of our current staff since we’ve been here,” Dunn said. “He’s just a positive guy who still has a lot energy and he likes being around kids. I like being around people like that. I’m sure when he coached here he had that same type of energy and personality that bled over into the athletic program.”

He may have a long way to go to catch Schuelke, but Dunn appreciates the five years under his belt.

“Stability allows you to gain the confidence of the kids – it’s not a revolving door of coaches like a lot of schools have – even in our district,” he said. “Longevity makes for a good program when kids are in the same system for six years, and you can accomplish a lot.”