Jeffery Harris is a junior in the Tiger athletic program. A Houston native who grew up in Friendswood and Abilene before moving to Glen Rose in the seventh grade, Harris competes in basketball. He is also a member of NHS.

1. What do you like about being a GRHS student?

The teachers here really care about the students – they put us first and try to give us inspiration. All of the students here show major support for the athletic department. It really lifts the school up and makes us come together as one. We’re very close to each other; everyone knows what is going on in each other’s lives, and there’s always someone there to encourage you through hard times.

2. What stands out to you about varsity basketball?

Varsity is very up-tempo; you put a lot of energy and focus into it. You have to be on top of your game and react instead of thinking. I love varsity play because it pushes you to become better. It feels like you’re part of something important as a varsity player. Every win and loss matters more, from rankings to how colleges look at you.

3. Why is basketball a great sport to you?

Basketball is a great game because I love the energy that goes into it – any shot can be a game-changer. Big shots can lead to big streaks. I love the atmosphere of the crowd; it inspires you throughout the game. It’s a real fun sport to me, and that’s helped me improve. I will work hard in the offseason, too.