BOYD - With just under a minute and a half left to play, the Glen Rose Tigers found themselves trailing by six to the 2A Boyd Yellow Jackets.

On second and five, the Tigers stuffed the Jacket tailback for a one-yard loss to bring up third down and six to go.

On third down, the Tigers were unable to stop the Jackets as the quarterback ran for a nine yard gain for the first down to seal the first loss of the season for Glen Rose, as Boyd won 33-27.

“We had opportunities all night to make plays and we didn’t take advantage of them,” said Glen Rose Head Coach Tommy Dunn. “Something always broke down. It was either we didn’t complete the catch, the ball was not catchable, or the blocking broke down. All phases of the offense were at fault at different times. We didn’t execute and when you don’t execute, you don’t score points.”

The struggles began early on both sides of the ball as Boyd jumped out to a 26-0 lead.

The Glen Rose air attack was unable to get anything going early, as dropped passes haunted the Tigers, and the running game was shut down by the Boyd defense.

“(The running backs) went up against seven men in the box again, and early on when you see seven men in the box you have to throw the ball and we just weren’t catching it,” said Dunn.

Derek Thompson completed only 45-percent of his passes, going 15-for-33 for 224 yards with a touchdown pass and an interception.

Glen Rose would eventually score before halftime when Thompson ran it in from 10 yards out, and trailed 26-7 at the break.

The defense in the first half had its fair share of problems with the deep ball from the Boyd QB. Of his four completions, three of them went for touchdowns of 40, 63 and 77 yards.

“Boyd played a great football game,” said Dunn. “Their receivers are fast, faster than they looked on film. They showed us some new looks and we didn’t tackle well. That’s something we need to practice and get better at as the season goes on.”

After halftime, the Tigers looked like a completely different football team.

The defense came out of the break and forced Boyd to punt for the first time all night, as they were able to shut down the Jacket running attack.

“We gave more attention to the edge, because they were able to run to the edge all night long,” said Dunn. “They didn’t throw very much in the second half and we were in a better position to make plays.”

The offense found a spark as they were able to find the end zone three times.

In the third quarter, Thompson found Ty Taylor, who was the only Tiger to catch a pass in the second half, for a 15-yard touchdown pass.

“The offense came around and we were able to put some drives together, but we didn’t complete every drive. If we’d have completed every drive in the second half, we would’ve won the ballgame. We knew that by being down so much, we were going to have to score every time we had the ball, and we just didn’t do it,” Dunn explained.

In the fourth, Taylor Nabours ran one in from 13 yards deep to cut the deficit to 26-21.

After BHS scored its only touchdown of the second half, Chase Evatt carried one to the house from 12 yards out to provide the final tally.

Nabours finished with 40 yards and a touchdown on six carries, while Evatt racked up 72 yards and a score on seven trips.

“All of the backs did a great job,” said Dunn. “Finally, our conditioning took over in the second half, we started running out on the edge a little bit and had better blocking. The kids did what they were coached to do, and the running goes as the blocking goes and they all did a great job in the second half.”

The early deficit proved to be too much for the Tigers to overcome, as the defense was unable to stop Boyd after an onside kick attempt failed.

“There are two ways you can go when you are down 26 to nothing,” Dunn explained. “You can lay down and be sad or you can fight back, and we chose to fight back. We always will. It’s a tribute to the program and to these kids. They’re going to fight hard and they’re never going to give up.”

The Tigers look to return to their winning ways when Carrollton Ranchview visits Tigers Stadium for the Glen Rose homecoming game at 7:30 p.m. Friday.